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Where to Buy Small Rice Cooker

Best Small Rice Cooker Reviews 2021

Do you want a smart rice cooker? If you want something compact and lightweight, there is the best small rice cooker for you. In fact, there is more than one kind of compact and affordable rice cooker.

Rice cookers have a great value for their ease of use and instant features. They’re quite impressive in the way they cook rice right out of the box. All you need is to add water, wash the rice, and set up the timer/setting. After that, the rice cooker takes care of everything.

Buy a rice cooker that takes away the guesswork of cooking rice at home. What’s the right way to cook brown rice? How much water is needed for making the rice extra soft? Can you keep the rice fresh for longer than 12 hours?

All these questions are answered in the following review section. So don’t miss out.

Best Small Rice Cooker Selections 2021


  1. Instant Pot Lux Mini 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


The Instant Pot Lux Mini can cook up to 12 cups of rice. Though this is one of the biggest competitors on the market. The Mini refers to the size and advanced features of the machine.


  • Quick computerized timer functions.
  • Fast and consistent performance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.Cons
    • The venting steam sprays water while cooking.

    This is a great purchase for quick and easy cooking. It has over 10 touch programs, a steamer option, temperature adjustments, and a keep-warm clock. Since it uses accurate steam pressure to cook rice. It’s also good for other foods such as vegetables, chicken, roast, and dumplings.

    If you’re looking for a nice and sturdy rice cooker, this is it. You’ll be pleased with its steady and programmable functions. The inner stainless steel cooking is easy to clean. It doesn’t attract stains or scratches. Nor does it look too worn out after months of use.

    The capacity and sleek finish of the cooking pot are superior. The Instant Pot Lux Mini is also the most versatile because of its temperature and timer settings. You won’t need to buy any accessories separately. This small rice cooker comes with everything.

    1. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker



    The majority of users of Zojirushi’s rice cooker never buy anything else. This is because Zojirushi’s rice cookers are smart and convenient to use. And this Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker is probably one of the best.


    • Wall-mountable, ergonomic design.
    • Perfect for all types of rice.
    • Easy-to-access user interface.


    • The Hello Kitty alert is annoying.
      • Irreplaceable and expensive parts.

      This is a smaller rice cooker compared to other picks. And yet it matches the performance of any high-end rice cooker on the market. What’s charming about this cooker is the innovative design. It has a black exterior and smart features.

      The maximum number of cups of rice it can cook is about 3 cups. This is for uncooked rice which means it cooks up to 6 cups of cooked rice. Even though you’re looking for a small and inventive rice cooker. The 6-cup size can suit up to 3 people for an entire day’s meal.

      The design is square rather than cylindrical or round. This ensures better space distribution were you to keep it next to other kitchen appliances. Or you could also wall-mount the rice cooker as it is compatible and has its own wall mount fix.

      The design, performance, and overall value of this rice cooker is impressive. It’s terrific to use, with easy and effective cooking functions and speedy cooking time.

      1. Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker



      Hamilton Beach is the best programmable rice cooker. It’s compact, lightweight, and practical to use. Perfect for 1-2 people who want to eat varieties of rice every week. Cooking rice on a stovetop or a slow pressure cooker can be annoying. Buy this if you want something specific to rice.


      • Easy to use and maintain.
      • The steamer basket is of big help.
      • Cleanup is fast and effortless.


      • The size is smaller than advertised.

      The most important thing about this rice cooker is the ergonomic design. It’s not only good to look at. But its intelligent design functions complement everything else.

      It cooks rice perfectly well each time. The inner pot stays clean and shiny with no stains or scratches. You can also prepare vegetables on the side using the steam basket. It also doubles as a rice rinser so that you save time.

      You can set up the timer and the programmable functions easily. Based on the type of rice you’re adding to the cooker. This rice cooker cooks appropriately and accurately. We all know cooking white rice is not the same as cooking brown rice.

      So having this user-friendly and compact rice cooker is a huge life-saver. If you don’t have the time or energy to cook an elaborate meal for yourself. In this best small rice cooker, you can make the healthiest of meals in less than 30 minutes or so.

      1. Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR 6-Cup Rice Cooker



      The Aroma Housewares is known for its simplicity and convenience. It manufactures a wide variety of cookers. They use a different cooking method to make rice tender and perfect each time. This also depends on the type of rice you’re cooking and how much.


      • Clear and appropriate instructions.
      • Ideal for 2-3 cups of rice.
      • It cooks fast and consistent every time.


      • None so far.

      This is the perfect food steamer and rice cooker combo. And in such a small and portable size, it’s a delight to use. The simple cook and keep-warm functions are accurate. You can place vegetables, meat, or dumplings in the steam basket. It cooks the rice while steaming easily.

      This is truly a versatile choice for many reasons. The steam vent doesn’t release or spray water out. The lid is secure and firm so it traps all the steam inside during cooking. You can cook according to the type of rice you’re adding. Be it white, brown, mixed, etc.

      The machine gives you proper instructions on how much water you need to add. This is perfect for daily cooking. It cooks rice perfectly well and keeps it fresh and warm. It cooks faster than other rice cookers. Especially stovetop rice cooking which takes a long, long time.

      If you want a break from the kitchen, you can always rely on this small rice cooker. It keeps the rice fresh even after cooking. It prevents overcooking the rice, burning it, or leaving behind any sogginess at the bottom of the pan.

      1. Elite Gourmet ERC-003 Electric Rice Cooker



      For such an affordable price, you can’t do any better than the Elite Gourmet. It’s just like the previous rice cooker option. It’s small, has two simple functions, and it’s powerful. The difference is that this has a see-through glass lid. So you can watch the cooking process as it happens.


      • Large capacity and quick steaming attachments.
      • High-quality and useful cool-touch handles.
      • Removable and washable cooking pot.Cons
        • No automatic turn-off.

        This best small rice cooker does everything. It cooks more than plain rice. You can even cook up soup, stew, oatmeal, and porridge in this cooker. Or you can also cook an entire meal using the steam basket.

        The aluminum cooking pot is easy to clean. It has proper markings engraved on the inside for taking accurate measurements. So you make the most tender and perfect rice every time. There’s a Keep-Warm function that starts automatically after the cooking is done.

        All this feels easy and effortless with the cooker’s intelligent indicator lights. You don’t need to take a peek at what’s happening inside to know once the rice is done. You can figure it out with the help of the indicator lights.

        The glass lid has a steam vent that doesn’t spray hot water while cooking. And the easy, cool-touch handles add to the compactness of the machine.

        1. IMUSA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker



        The IMUSA rice cooker is an outstanding and convenient option. It’s perfect because it’s so easy to use. You can cook different rice grains in it. It has a simple and efficient Keep-Warm function. And an ergonomic and user-friendly design.


        • Quick to cook and quick to clean.
        • High-quality non-stick surface.
        • The rice comes out tender and fluffy.


        • Add some oil to the rice to avoid sticking.

        This is a reliable and long-lasting rice cooker. For the price even, it is of great value. It uses different water quantities for white and brown rice. Overall, it adjusts perfectly to whatever it is you’re cooking.

        Even if you prefer slightly dry and undercooked rice for dirty rice. You can adjust the water and time on this cooker. The same applies to when you want really soft and fluffy rice. This is a versatile rice cooker with two quick-cooking functions.

        The machine turns automatically to keep warm mode after cooking. The non-stick surface ensures the rice stays fresh and tender. You don’t have to scrub, scrub, scrub to get the rice off. Even if you keep it in the cooking pot for hours.

        The tempered glass lid has an air vent that doesn’t expel hot water. It can cook up to 6 cups of cooked rice. And it preserves the steam inside to keep the rice fresh and warm after cooking.

        What Is The Best Small Rice Cooker?

        The best way to cook rice at home is by using a small rice cooker. Even if you plan on making a small serving of rice (less than 2 cups). It’s the quickest and easiest way to cook rice. Not only that, but rice cookers also allow you to do so much more.

        You can make brown rice the way it’s supposed to be made. Not dry or undercooked because brown rice requires more water than white rice. Fluffy, tender, and beautifully-brown – just the way you like it.

        Some of these rice cookers are more versatile than you think. You can steam veggies, make soup, porridge, stew, and oatmeal in them. With ergonomic design features and a

        secure lid. The performance of these best small rice cookers is phenomenal.

        Arising out of South Asia, rice cookers are the top favorite kitchen appliance. You can buy one with programmable features and a timer clock. You can buy one with simple and direct cook and keep-warm buttons. Or you can buy one that’s a combination steamer and rice cooker!

        Not only is a rice cooker better than a stovetop, but it’s also cheaper, less messy, and quicker! So many benefits and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Especially these compact rice cookers are available at an affordable price.

        Included Accessories

        All these small rice cookers have the same accessories. These are all essential accessories that make cooking rice at home simple and quick. You can store all the accessories together with the rice cooker. So you don’t have to move around too much to fetch them.

        The measuring cup is the most essential accessory. It’s what you use to measure how many cups of rice you want. The rice paddle is non-stick and easy to wash. The scoop helps you serve rice without it sticking to the surface or breaking.

        The steamer basket allows you to steam veggies and meat. You can also use it as a rice rinser so you won’t need a separate strainer. Most steamer baskets are easy to wash and lightweight. So you have to be careful while using them so that they don’t lose their touch.

        Final Thoughts

        If you’re wondering where to buy the best small rice cooker from. You should know that relying on these carefully-picked options is a better decision. If you enter an appliance store, the salesperson will just try to sell you any high-end model.

        With this comparison, you can figure out what you want more exactly. Between a simple and programmable rice cooker, size is variable. You can buy a 2-cup rice cooker up to a 6-cup rice cooker.

        If you cook rice a lot, looking at the rice cooker’s method is very important. You can either buy a rice cooker with a simple flip-switch design. Or you can opt for more detailed features such as steam, brown rice, oatmeal, white rice, and delay functions.

        Whatever your pick, the Instant Pot Lux Mini is the smart

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